Drama At Malawi Prisons Hq As Dr. Mtengano Refuses To Step Down To Pave Way For New Prisons Chief


Dr. Mtengamo Refusing to step down

There is drama at Malawi Prisons Headquarters following the appointment of Ms. Wandika Phiki as  Malawi Prisons Chief with the latest being that  Dr. Little Mtengano refusing  to step down to pave way to the newly appointed chief commissioner of prisons.

According to the information in possession of Malawi Independent,Dr. Mtengamo despite being relieved of his duties as Chief Commissioner of Prisons continues to be perfoming his duties as if he is the one at the helm of Malawi Prisons.

As that is not enough, Mtengamo is on record to be  issuing instructions to officers at Zomba Central Prison on things which were to be communicated by the new Commisioner of Prisons  and yesterday ,he was giving public lecture to prison officers at Chichiri maximum prison.

It is on record that Mtengamo has vowed  to continue acting as chief commissioner of prisons till he is deployed to another department else he will make life miserable for the first woman Commissioner of Prisons in the history of Malawi.

In addition, Little Mtengamo has cling to the official vehicle MPS 1 which by now was supposed to be driven by the new Prisons Chief.

Junior officers in the Prison service are worried as the conduct of Mtengamo has resulted in the junior officers having divided loyalty which in return  is raising a lot of questions on leadership at the ministry of home affairs as to how an officer can be defying wantonly a presidential order.


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