Court Faults Presidential Aide Ntaba Over Deceased Estate Controversy

Presidential aide Dr Heatherwick Ntaba  has been faulted by the High Court in Lilongwe for  his conduct in the deceased estate  belonging to his relation in which he was one of the executors.

Ntaba: In deceased estate controversy

Ntaba, who is also governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice president for the Central Region, is at the centre of controversy over the  fraudulent selling of a house in Lilongwe’s Area 12 of the deceased property.

Zione Ntaba, a judge at the High Court based in Zomba, argues that the Area 12 house was sold against the wishes  of her late father, George Maurice Justice Ntaba.

She asked the court  to reverse the sale of the house.

The court found that Dr Ntaba and the Administrator General violated Clause 6 of the Deceased Will by giving the house  to brothers and sisters of the deceased.

Dr Ntaba is also faulted  that even though he knew Zione Ntaba had replaced the executors as the new administrators  of the deceased estate, he did not inform he uncles and aunts of the new administrator.

Zione Ntaba was appointed administrator of her father’s estate in 2005, replacing Dr Ntaba.

But  Dr Ntaba engineered that the  house  – which was given to the mother of the deceased  – be sold to Alice Namata.

“It is also very clear from the evidence that there is scintilla of evidence to show that Phyllis Ntaba, widow of the deceased, was involved in any discussions involving the plot [Alimaunde 12/124],” the High Court Judge Charles Mkandawire observed.


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