APM Walking The Talk On Women Empowernment: Hailed By Gender Activist For Appointing Women In Top Positions

APM Hailed for putting women in top positions

One of the country’s gender activist Emma Chanika has hailed the recent appointment of the country’s first female Chief for Malawi Prison Service Ms Wandika Phiri ,saying the move will bring positive reforms in country’s prisons.

New Chief Commissioner of Malawi Prisons: Wandika Phiri

Apart from Phiri, President Peter Mutharika also appointed Dr Mercy Pindani as Principal at the Kamuzu College of Nursing and Dr Belinda Gombachika as vice principal of the college of nursing.

Speaking in an interview on Wednesday, Chanika who is also Executive Director for NGO Gender Coordination Network ( NGOGCN), said the appointments are enough evidence that women have potential to positively complement government reforms.

“We welcome such appointments because for a long time we have been pleading for women empowerment in leading position ” said Chanika adding: “ we believe this is the beginning of everything and we ask all Malawians irrespective of gender to support these women.” Commenting on Phiri’s Position, Chanika said she is optimistic that the newly appointed leader will bring positive transformation in prison environment.

“Our prisons need massive reforms and I believe that Madam Wandika Phiri is a professional with vast capability to providing speedy reforms that will improve our prison’s conditions,” she said.


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