Road To APM’ 57% Landslide Victory In 2019 Elections: Hundreds Dump MCP, PP To Joining Winning DPP

Hundred opposition Peoples Party (PP) and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) members in the southern region on Saturday defected to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) saying they want to be part of the electorates to give President Peter Mutharika a 57% landslide victory in the 2019 elections .

The new comers to the ruling side includes regional executive commitee memebers and district members from both MCP and PP.

William Simeon who was deputy district governor for PP in the south led the team from the orange camp while White Thyolera, MCP’s director of political affairs, led the team from MCP camp.

Speaking while being welcomed to DPP in Blantyre, Simeon branded PP as a party with no future due to absence of its leader former President Joyce Banda who is currently in self-imposed exile.

“There is no future to hold on to. We were like sheep without a shepherd; we did not know where our leader is. We feel we need to be part of progressive ideologies. We feel DPP has interests of Malawians at heart,” said Simeon.

He said by look of things and due to failure by opposition parties to organize themselves, DPP will win come 2019 with landslide victory.

In his comment, Thyolera said they had been forced to quit the country’s oldest political party due to its in-flight and failure by its president Lazarus Chakwera to demonstrate maturity and leadership skills.

“No one wants to live in a house which is full of fights. There is no hope to remain in MCP. After a thorough consultation, we decided to join DPP because it is only party that has clear vision for Malawi and is united,” said Thyolera.

In his remarks, DPP regional governor Charles Mchacha said the joining in of members of other political parties signifies growth, adding more PP and MCP members are set to join the blue camp.

“In DPP we have open door policy, we accept those interested to leave to do so and those to join to come in. As a party we want to associate ourselves with people with vision of transforming this country and support our development agenda,” said Mchacha.

Mchacha said as a party DPP was on the drive of setting development agenda and promised Malawi more infrastructure and economic development.

“Don’t forget we passed through a difficult period where there was no donor aid for some year and we had food shortage in the country. It is in the interest of DPP to see the country develop and its citizens live in harmony.”

MCP has of late been subjected to in-fights with some members led by secretary general Gustavo Kaliwo calling for an emergency convention slated for next month, while PP has been on coma since Banda left the country.


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