APM Decorates Archbishop Bishop Msusa’s Silver Jubilee Celebrations In Religious Profession

Mutharika greeting Archbishop Msusa

gathered today because we all meet in one God who created us all. We have gathered to celebrate that God gave us His Grace Archbishop Thomas Msusa to be our spiritual leader.

We have met to thank God that His Grace Archbishop Thomas Msusa joined the Religious Profession some 25 years ago.

From this village, Archbishop Msusa walked a narrow path of principles.
Against every storm, he went on a mission of revealing the mystery of salvation to those who do not yet know it. He chose a path of helping those who have heard the Gospel but still need to rediscover and deepen this mystery of salvation.

The life, the mission, and the path of Archbishop Msusa speak the voice of the Lord when God says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” And we know – that God can do what to humans looks impossible.
The life and mission of Archbishop Msusa challenges us to reflect on our duty to others, to our communities, to our country. What I see in the life of Archbishop Msusa is greatness in humility. And humility begins when we value others.

The Bible tells us to consider others more important than ourselves.
(Philippians 2:3) We must be a nation that values one another because everyone has something to give to this nation. Let us not be a nation that looks down upon one another. And we should never think everyone is wrong except ourselves. That is not the way of God.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

There are many lessons we can draw from the life of Archbishop Msusa. I thank God that he gave us a spiritual leader who loves order, peace and unity. This is a leader who loves God – for God is the source of order, peace and unity.
His Grace the Archbishop encourages us that we must continue to be in one God, for God to be in us all, so that we must be one.

As we thank God today, I also want to thank His Grace the Archbishop for his Patriotism. In his love for this country; in his love for order, peace and unity, Archbishop Msusa has always stood firm against the spirit of anarchy – against anyone who wants to destroy this country.

Now that the economy is performing better, some are preaching civil strife to create chaos and take us back. That is not the will of God. I do not believe that the spirit of chaos comes from God. We all know that God is the God of order.

Because the God we believe in is the God of order, we must follow principles of order in whatever we do. Even our democracy is a system of order. We agreed to elect one leader to lead Malawi once in every five years. God wants to see order in every human society. Order gives us peace. Order gives us unity.

I speak in commendation of His Grace Archbishop Msusa because he is a symbol of order, peace and unity in his servanthood.

Where others have tried to plant the spirit of hatred, he has planted the spirit of love. Wherever we have doubted, he has encouraged us to remember our faith. And it is our faith that, in unity, God will help us to make Malawi a better place.

Let us walk with God, and Providence will walk on our side.

The Lord is our protector; he is our strong fortress. Our God our protection, and with him we are safe.
Thank you once again Archbishop Msusa, for inviting me; and thank you for your attention.


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