Mulele Urge Malawian Youths To Be Self Reliant:Meet The Man Behind Service Touch

After looking at how university graduates are struggling to get employed, Emmanuel Mulele has called on graduates in the country to a litmus test where they are expected to put theories leant at college into practice with ServiceTouch. ServiceTouch grooms the graduates to the expectation of the industry.

Mulele, who is the founder and Chief Consulting Officer for ServiceTouch says what makes a graduate to stand out is not a degree or a diploma but the soft and subtle skills they have. After 20 years of progressive banking experience, Mulele was recognized twice as the best Private Banker and has had customer service related trainings both in Malawi and the Republic of South Africa.

He founded ServiceTouch with the aim of making sure that graduates, employers as well as employees realize their full potential and effectively add value to themselves, to others and to the organisations they work for. ServiceTouch does this through inspirational business engagement sessions.

“Currently, more than 20 organisations have benefitted from ServiceTouch. These organisations have given us feedback that ServiceTouch has helped them a lot”, says Mulele.

ServiceTouch™ sessions are run within the minimum of one hour to maximum of three days. Sessions are facilitated within employees’ office environment or at any suggested venue with reasonable facility through participants’ interactive engagement, role plays; applicable video clips and group discussions among others.

The sessions open with powerful inspiration to excite participants to tackle real subtle issues and challenges participants to migrate from being excellent to being exceptional; and wraps up with emotional inspiration to leave the lasting memory in peoples’ hearts. All the sessions lean towards customer service.


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