Sidik Mia Wants Terrorism In Mw:Using MCP VP Bid To Get Finances From Terrorist Groups

Alhaji Sidik Mia has told the his followers  that once he is elected into power as running mate for Malawi Congress Party, he will make sure that he gets assistance from countries which are well known of sponsoring terror groups and involved in most of the terrorism acts in the world.

In a voice recording which has gone viral, Mia is on recording to have said that under his leadership, he will work to improve the welfare of Muslims only and not any other religion.

Mia said using his powers as the Vice President of Malawi if MCP is to be voted into power, he will build more mosques and make sure that he gets funding for his followers from among other countries Qatar, which has now been sidelined by its neighbors for sponsoring terrorists.

If what Mia said in the recording is something to go about, then Malawians should be worried and risk become one of the terrorists harbor with the help of Sidik Mia.

Some muslims and members of Malawi Congress Party have come up in the open to condemn the terror act of Sidik Mia which is against the history which Malawi is known for as being a peace loving nation


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