Ten Mercenary MCP Protesters, Three Violent School Kids Arrested

Ten Opposition Malawi Congress Party mercenaries who were masquerading as protesters among the school children in some parts of the country,have been arrested along with   three school children following the protests which turned violent by learners in primary school   against the nationwide strike by their teachers.

Schoolchildren continue protests in Blantyre

The protests in Blantyre turned ugly on a third day with pupils from Kachanga primary School in Chileka blocking the road to Chileka airport and smashing some vehicle.

Chileka police spokesperson Grace Mwale confirmed the arrest of the three schoolchildren and other seven suspects for malicious damage to vehicles.

Mwale said Police used tear gas to disperse the protestors.

The teachers striker, now in second week, has degenerated into chaos where schoolchildren is some schools in Ntcheu, Balaka and Blantyre are taking to the streets to protest as their right to education is being affected.

In Ntcheu on Wednesday, 15 schoolchildren who were arrested on Monday for rioting have been released on bail by the Magistrate Court.

Ntcheu first grade magistrate Chrispin Sachuluka released on bail the schoolchildren on condition that each provides two sureties who paid K5, 000 cash.

Sachulula has set June 28 for hearing of the case.

In a statement released Wednesday, national police spokesperson James Kadadzera  condemned  “shameful act” by the learners  and urged them to follow proper procedures to present their grievances

He strongly warned protestors from taking the law into their own hands as solution to have their voices heard.

He further said police believe some criminals took advantage of the rioting pupils to steal from unsuspecting passers-by.

“We believe rogues hiding behind the pupils blocked the roads, stoned motorists, interrupted traffic flow, demanded money from motorists, which are all illegal and criminal acts.”

In the statement,  the Police remind parents, guardians and teachers that the safety and security of their children is important.

”The pupils should be greatly discouraged from taking to the streets to advance the agenda of other quarters. Anything may happen on the street including being run over by speeding vehicles,” the statement said.


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