Chakwera’s Church Reap From Poor Malawians :Prophet Bushiri Warns Laza Over Son’s Attack On ECG

Bushiri warns Chakwera

Celebrity preacher Prophet Bushiri has warned politician Lazarus Chakwera to rebuke his son, Nick, against attacking him on social media.

The leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) made the warning after Chakwera’s son went on Facebook to attack ECG for selling church materials.

The Prophet said different churches across the world, since time immemorial, sell church materials as part of raising funds for running their ministries.

It is surprising, added the Prophet, why Chakwera’s son chose to go public to mock and question ECG church materials as if it something out of ordinary.

The Prophet said he saw the post as a deliberate and well calculated move by Chakwera’s son to get into conflict with him.

Asked why he has responded defying his tradition of remaining silence, the Prophet underlined: “I cannot be silent when somebody whose father is respected Man of God and also a renowned politician goes public and attack my church.

“My warning is going to Chakwera because I expected him, as a Man of God I respect and also a politician, to have realised that his son has made a mistake. He should have rebuked him and advise him to take down the disdaining post on Facebook.

“The fact that the post was left the entire day, means it had a blessing of the father because I don’t see such a respected man choosing silence over such a post.

“Further, you can see that some renowned members of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) joined on the post supporting Nick and attacking my church. I can’t be silent against such provocative moves.

“I want to tell Chakwera that I respect him as a Man of God and also a politician. As such, he should tell his son to leave me alone. I don’t want to be dragged into conflicts with MCP and his church.

“I am not MCP, DPP, PP, UDF or Aford. I am Major One and I am a man of God. I am warning Chakwera not to allow his son drag me into fighting. He should leave me alone because when I react he will not like me,” said Prophet Bushiri, popularly known as Major One.


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