Rebel Group PAC Fires Five Key Members For Being Against Quasi Body’s Hidden Political Agenda

PAC leaders

PAC has ousted 5 out of 8 church members. They agreed to suspend their leaders and later resorted to excluding them from the so called “all inclusive conference”.

PAC has ousted Sheikh Chabulika who represents all Moslems in the Moslem Association of Malawi, Bishop Malasa who represents Anglicans in the Upper Diocese where PAC was formed in 1992. Malasa has a duo membership as he also represents Evangelical churches in the Evangelical Association of Malawi. More leaders being removed are Bishop Bvumbwe who represents all Lutheran churches and Reverend Maulana of the CCAP Blantyre Synod.

The sin which our religious leaders have committed is that they have been critical of PAC for departing from their faith-based principles and behaving like a political party. Ironically, the UNDP has withdrawn from funding the so called all-inclusive meeting for the same reasons the faith leaders are criticizing PAC for.

Now PAC goes to an “all inclusive meeting” without Moslems, Anglicans, Lutherans, Evangelicals, and Presbyterians of the Blantyre Synod. These are also called full members of PAC.

The ousted 5 (out of 8) mother bodies are considering pulling out to form their own organisation to fulfill the objectives which PAC as it no longer represents Malawians.


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