‘Little MCP Idiots’,Amateur Chakwera Tactics Exposed: Plans To Sabotage APM’ Oxford Engagement Laid Bare

Malawi Congress Party operatives under the instructions of Lazarus Chakwera plans to sabotage President Arthur Peter Mutharikas engangement at Oxford University,have been exposed.

This is what MCP was cooking behind the scenes using members in Diaspora and some operatives in Malawi,to misuse disadvantaged University of Malawi students to suit their political interest.

05/06/2017, 16:04 – ‪+44 7754 944607: I am about to write oxford university student union on Peter’s visit. Anyone with an idea to contribute?

05/06/2017, 18:50 – ‪+44 7754 944607: Sent these to oxford. But it seems it’s only a trick yoti apitile Ku check up

05/06/2017, 18:50 – ‪+44 7754 944607: (This refers to clip of CHANCO student beaten by police)

05/06/2017, 18:52 – ‪+44 7754 944607: (Another CHANCO Clip)

06/06/2017, 10:38 – ‪+1 (404) 617-9530: We are not there yet, but we have made strides towards ‘A Better & Prosperous Malawi’. And we can not get wiery, neither for ‘the Harvest is Plenty and the Labourers are very Few’. One can make a difference, but together in unison, we can move mountains change the Course of Time!


I laughed & I cried because I see the hand of GOD in the mist of our struggles to liberate Malawi from the turmoils of injustices


What Peter Arthur Mutharika & the DPP administration are doing in our nation is a serious mockery to all of our intelligence & the system pf democratic governance our forefathers vigilently fought for during the 1993 referendum and the freedom our forefathers relentlessly fought for during the independence struggles. We must not look over our shoulders & call it a day. Everyday should be A Call to Action’


Just knowing that 6months have passed by since our young Brothers & Sisters at the Prestigious & top University institition, CHANCO, in our beloved Country have been deprived of their educational rights & my birthday gift becomes Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika championing for Education at one of the Prestigious Universities in Europe, the Oxford University whereas our children have been deprived of their rightiful to education & those in primary schools studying under trees & makomboni whereas educational resources are scarce & teachers have been taken for granted withouy proper compensation, at the same time.


I pondered & cried out to GOD for Wisdom.


We as Malawians got to do something crazy to create a platform where our young Brothers & Sisters do not either drop out of school or have their school session interrupted, at all, just because they do not have enough fans to pay their tution whether in secondary or primary schools and either because some politicians feels like they have an upper hand in the affairs of our educational system


APM & DPP have been a long failure for our country whereas the issue of our children losing of their tertiary education is the most dispeakable thing in the history of the nation thats actually denying our children better education. Most of these politicians, their children are studying abroad, so, they can care less. A country without proper educational system is as well ‘A Dead Nation’!


This episode reminds me of the Academic freedom during Bingu Wa Mutharika & DPP administration under Arthur Peter Mutharika as the Minister of Education whom led the so called High-powered delegation to negotiate with the Lectureres when Honorable Jessie Kabwila was the Lecturer & President of Academic Staff Union at CHANCO & led the Academic Freedom Protest against the DPP & Bingu administration


There aught to be a better way for our children to finish school  on time & at levels levels without political interference or any sort of damaging factor to offset the academic calender. We have to brainstorm on this issue, seriously. Lets join our UNIMA Brothers & Sisters fight these autrocities


As people of goodwill, we have to do something on this issue coz we cant keep overlooking at the children situation & give a blind eye rest we forget ‘Mwana Wa Nzako Ngwako Yemwe’.








06/06/2017, 13:54 – ‪+1 (404) 617-9530: The things these guys hve done to the country are unbearable


There is no way Malawi can continue to exist in such dispeakable conducts

06/06/2017, 14:22 – ‪+1 (404) 617-9530: Kwambiri. The more we just do mere talk, it aint gonna help anything. Talk is Cheap!

06/06/2017, 20:14 – ‪+44 7963 139218: Copied




Students of the University of Malawi are being requested to copy and send the message below to the Students Union of University of Oxford asking them not to allow President Mutharika not to speak to the Union. Send to




Civil society would like to demand that President Mutharika not be allowed to address students at Oxford for the following reasons:


As Chancellor of the University of Malawi, he has not addressed the closure of the University which has remained closed for six months without addressing the various grievances raised in various appeals directed to his office.


He is presiding over a government that is impeding academic freedom and the right of the university to carry out research. This is evidenced by the government’s recent condemnation of the recent Afrobarometer study of the State of Governance in Malawi.


Additionally Malawi’s political social economic status have been severely affected by the lack of transparency and accountability in the use of public resources and increased corrupt practices evidenced by the withdrawal of donor support.


As civil society, we believe that it is hypocrisy for the President of Malawi to paint a rosy picture of the otherwise pathetic state of Malawi’s crumbling education, agriculture and health sectors.


It is our duty to highlight these issues to express our disapproval at the Oxford Union to allow President of Malawi to spew lies about the current state of Malawi


Please share amongst your fellow students and express your anger

06/06/2017, 22:23 – ‪+44 7754 944607: I have done the communiqué with oxford university and human rights department. The fact that they haven’t yet come forth is an indication, this thing is false. A means to try and milk taxpayers more in the name of important meetings. He will be meeting himself

06/06/2017, 23:19 – ‪+1 (404) 617-9530: The best thing is having those in United Kingdom to call the oxford university & act as if you interested in the event as you also come from Malawi & thats your president & eager to hear his speech


It would be great to find out if someone was interested to attend, what would be the proper process to be part & parcel of the audience


The best way is showing emphusiasm & eagerness that you cant wait to see our head of state speak at such a prestigious college you have always admired


Once you edify him that way, they will be eager to give the right information coz they are excited. If one calls in with negative info & trying to figure out whats going on, it would be easy to rebuff that person because no institution would like to look bad out there


The emails should actually have copies send to major media companies as BBC, CNN, Alja Zeer, CNBC, etc

06/06/2017, 23:31 – ‪+1 (404) 617-9530: Even copying major newspapers. This guy needs to be exposed & the Oxford University should be ashamed of itself.


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