Bushiri Assembles Expertise Across The Globe Into G12 To Run His Business Empire-Three Malawians Included

Bushiri’s G12

South Africa-based Malawian billionaire entrepreneur Shepherd Bushiri has unveiled a group of great 12 (G12) experts, drawn from across the continents, to manage his business entities Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI).

The group represents experts and successful businesspersons from various fields drawn countries such as Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Belgium, USA, UK, South Africa and Namibia.

The move, which was officially made in Pretoria, South Africa on Monday will see Bushiri, SBI president, recoiling from the active involvement in the management of his businesses.

He said he wants to concentrate on his core ministry duties as a Prophet and leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG).

Making the announcement during the Diplomatic Service business—a Monday night session where Bushiri teaches ECG congregants on how to succeed in in business management–said the move represents the growth of his businesses which needs certain level of management.

“They have taken my role of making decisions of overseeing SBI policy development and implementation. We are already involved in multi-billion projects and there even more other multi-billion projects that we are about to undertake. The empire is growing and I can’t handle it alone,” he said.

Before G12, SBI key major strategic decisions, apart from the corporate office in Sandton, Johannesburg, were mostly done by Bushiri, his wife and family members.

Leader of G12 Joseph Mndolo from Zambia said it was a great honour to serve SBI and assured customers and partners that they will not let Bushiri down.
He said their role is only to bring efficiency and sustained growth to SBI—just carrying the vision ahead and translating on the ground.

With its headquarters in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa, and founded by a youthful Malawian citizen, SBI is global investment company duly incorporated under the Company laws of the Republic of South Africa.

It was duly incorporated on the November 3 2015 with registration number 2015/386049/07.

As of today, SBI has several entities operating across the globe. Some of them, among others, includes: SB Airways, SB University, PSB Mobile Network, SB Real Estate, SB Trade Exchange, SB Mining and SB Media.


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