Common Wealth Advisor Roger Koranteng Expose Times Media Group Lies

Commonwealth’s top advisor Dr Roger Koranteng has slammed Times Media Group for fabricating a story and credit it to him claiming it was part of the key note address he delivered at a conference of Africa’s anti-corruption agencies in Mangochi last week.

Koranteng has told Times that while he respects the role of media in his work, he “cannot stand a media house that tells lies.”

He further wondered what Times’ motivation was to cook up a story, telling the media house that he has problems with publications that fabricate stories to destroy his character and his work.

“That (cooking up stories) is not right. I respect the media and the media are doing very much good work; they carry our information to the people and we appreciate that. But I cannot stand the media who tell lies of my character and my work. That means they want to destroy my work or what? I don’t know their motivation and I don’t want to know what their motivation is,” said the angry Koranteng, Adviser and Head for Public Sector Governance at the Commonwealth Secretariat in the UK.

In the lead story on Tuesday last week, Times claimed that Koranteng had blasted Malawi government on issues related to corruption.

The story even claimed it was quoting the address which Koranteng delivered. However, the fabrication is exposed to all as both the quotations and the paraphrased statements have no any similarity with what is contained in Koranteng’s written speech which he delivered.

It raises questions whether the reporter attended the function at all.

In the protest, Koranteng said his role in the Commonwealth office is to work with institutions.

“I don’t even talk about governments. You see government issues or politics are discussed by the heads themselves when they meet every two years. It’s not my place and my role and my mandate to talk about internal politics or reprimanding any bureau or government in my work. It is neither here or there; so I was really wondering where that fabrication came from,” said Koranteng.

In his speech, Koranteng said Commonwealth members in Africa are doing generally better than their global counterparts in tackling corruption.

He urged member states to sustain the effort and build on the success registered by sticking to the governance values by which the Commonwealth operates so that they eradicate bribery and abuse of office.

It is not surprising though that editors at Times found merit in the story. The Malawi Congress Party mouthpiece has been waging an anti-government campaign to promote its party’s interests.

Desperate to make a success of it and in violation of the company’s published in-house media ethics, editors have been twisting headlines, falsifying truths and stuffing reporters’ stories with false details to push their agenda.

However, the approach is backfiring on Times and has driven the media house to ludicrous levels of discredit such that between January and now, the company has run over 30 corrections and 61 retractions over distorted stories.

For yet another time, on Thursday Times published an apology and retraction of the entire story it cooked up story on Koranteng.


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