The Untold Story Of President Arthur Peter Mutharika’s Success In 3 Years Of Being In Power: Part 1

It is now extract three years since Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika became the  the fifth President of the Republic of Malawi since the country got its Independence.

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) triumph over Peoples Party of fugitive Joyce Banda gave hope to Malawians who had lost trust in Banda’s two-years accident rule , marred with scandals and abuse of power ranging from cash gate which saw donor abandoning this country, illegal arm deals, abuse of the attorneys power in some crude oil deals by Banda, setting of ESCOM house to cover for the ills Banda’s regime did,the cover up on maize scandal which Banda was distributing and later alleging it was rotten, the illegal sale of Malawi’s only Presidential jet and vanishing of its proceeds just to mention a few.

What has made President Peter Mutharika’s regime a success?


When Peter Mutharika took over power, Malawi Economy was almost down on its knees with inflation late as high as 24% due to the aftermaths of cash gate and donors move to withdraw budgetary support to Malawi. President Mutharika promised Malawians that his government would put measures in place to make sure that the government economy was in course.

Fast forward to 2017, President Mutharika has delivered on his promise, the same Malawi which were told to be offtrack is now gaining praises from world leading financial institutions such as the World Banks, African Development Bank and other major donors coming in to assist the country economically.

The inflation rate which was at 24% is now at 14.6 % and chances are come 2018, Malawi will have a single digit inflation rate, Kudos to President Peter Mutharika administration.



As soon as President Peter Mutharika took over power. In the following rainy season Malawi was hit by floods which displaced thousands and a dry spell that saw low yield of farm produce. Mutharika in his capacity promised that no one was going to die of hunger and his government called upon for relief aid from donors and friends in the international community.

We got humanitarian aid and support from our friends which indeed eased the situation resulting in Malawians being food sufficient and having shelter for pantyhose who had lost homes.

The situation lasted from 2014 to 2015 growing seasons.However , in the cropping season of 2016, the country received good rainfalls in  major parts of the country despite that some areas had floods and early rain stoppage.

With the successful implementation of Farm Input Subsidy Program (FISP) where farmers and the under privileged are provided with seeds and fertilizer at a cheap price, Malawi has bumper yields and issues of food shortage at house hold and national level is now a history.Thanks to the wise and dynamic leadership of APM.


The time President Peter Mutharika was sworn in President. The traditional donors of Malawi had left us due to the financial scandal that Mutharika’s predecessor was caught in.

President Peter Mutharika’s government had put in place several reforms to make sure that Malawi got back the confidence of the donors.

Some of the reforms which Mutharika had put in place were reduction of cabinet ministers to 20, withdrawing ministerial Benz from members of the cabinet, reducing number of domestic and foreign travels as compared to the other former leaders, reducing number of Principal secretaries and ministries, reforming the civil service, public sector financial management reforms, putting in place measures to control the wastage of government money among others.

This initiative has not go unnoticed but attracting the attention of the donors who have said Malawi economy is now on track under the leadership of Mutharika and vowed to start contributing towards the budgetary support as the case was before.


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