MRA Workers Pen Commissioner General Exposing Sexual Favoritism By ‘Some Directors’

Workers at the tax collecting body , Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) have written Commissioner General, exposing a sexual favoritism syndicate , which has rocked the body.

A copy of the letter which our publication has seen copied to the Deputy Commissioner General, Deputy Director of Internal Affairs, Director of Internal Audit and Director of tax investigations.

Officers mainly the male ones are said not to be happy with what is happening at the tax body with some Directors who are going out with married women at the Msonkho House in exchange of promotions and favors.

According to the letter, The officers are worried with the malpractice which is tarnishing the image of the commissioner General without his knowledge, who has been described as  a good man who treats all the employees fairly and equally in a very professional manner.

MRA officers have single highhandedly expressed their dissatisfaction with one Director of Human resources, who  has been employing his girl friends, relationships and opening legs of married women for them to get promotions.

The letter adds that the Director of Human Resources has abused his powers by employing his siblings to  E1 positions while the other qualified officers who have been with the revenue body for over 15 years remain not  promoted at E3 post despite their good service and qualifications which can earn them such posts.

Some of the women who are exchanging their forbidden fruit for favors as written in the letter are:Derby, Asante, Caroline,  and  Eravine.

Read full letter here:

Letter to CG by workers exposing sexual favoritism at MRA

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