MCP Convention On: Four To Challenge Chakwera,Mia Interested On Running Mate Post

Opposition Malawi Congress Party is set to continue with the convention which was called for by party’s Secretary General,Gustav Kaliwo.

Kaliwo called for the convention at a Press conference he held in Blantyre last month, with over half of the district chairmen siding with him,saying the party needed an indaba as Chakwera had failed to run the party,resulting in squabbles and divisions which rocked the party,as well as firing the people from their positions without following protocol.

According to information this publication has got,so far those vying for the MCP presidency are Gustave Kaliwo, Chitinkha C. Nkhoma, Felix Jumbe,Lovemore Munlo and these will challenge the incumbent,Reverend Lazarus Chakwera.

It is reported that Mia has shwon interest to be he aspiring presidential Running mate Sidic Mia,who wants to challenge the incumbent,Richard Msowoya who is speaker of parliament.

Chakwera has been accused by the party of lacking leadership skills,failing to account for the money well wishers donated to the party which he deposited into his personal account,changing of car ownership donated to the party into his name and unexplained worthy over a period of three years while MCP remains poor in its coffers as a church rat.

As that is not enough,Chakwera is on record to be favouring those who lick his boots and doesn’t like to be criticized,a development which has seen all his critics being fired from their positions and replaced with bootlickers.

The convention is scheduled to take placa at BICC on 7th July 2018.


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