PP Deputy RG North, 3000 Supporters Defect To AFORD: ‘Say PP Is Dead, Lost Direction’

Former ruling People’s Party (PP) of fugitive and imbecile Joyce Banda continues to lose popularity and members with more of its royalists defecting to other political parties, saying the party lost its direction and has no leadership as well as vision for transforming Malawi.

On Wednesday PP’s deputy regional governor for the north, Bentry Winga, became the latest to dump the party and join the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) along with three thousand other party members in Karonga Central.

Confirming the development to Malawi Indepencent, Winga, said due to the shambolic state of the party he had no choice but to leave.

“It was an easy choice for me to join AFORD, PP has lost direction and AFORD is heading places,” he said.

Winga further said that he is ready to assist the party to grow at grassroot level through strengthening the already existing structures as they run up to the 2019 elections as politics is all about numbers.

According to Campbell Kaponda, chairperson of AFORD revamps committee, as a party

they are in jubilation following the coming in of Winga and other members in the party.

“This is a sign that our party which was sleeping is now fully awake, his coming is a boost to us and we want more other members of his caliber to come and join us as our party is the only party with a clean record in the country,” he boasted.

Since losing the tripartite general election in May of 2014 PP has seen a mass exodus of its high ranking officials with some senior officials expelled or suspended due to disagreements.

Social commentators have attributed the mass exodus of the party diehards to the absence of its founder and party President Joyce Banda.


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