Crooks Masquerading As Lawyers Named And Shamed By Malawi Law Society

The disciplinary committee of the Malawi Law society (MLS) has made public names of dubious lawyers who fleece their clients’ money and charge exorbitant legal fees to enrich themselves.

Among the list of the dishonest legal men is the self- styled Blantyre based lawyer known for good taste of expensive cars, Felix Mipande who has been reprimanded for failing to disclose money received on behalf of his client and paid a much lower compensation to the client and charged the client exorbitant legal fees.

Mipande is a well-known Blantyre lawyer at Clifford Evance law firm with love of state of the art vehicles. He is currently pushing a new Land Rover Discovery.

A statement signed by MLS Disciplinary Committee Chairperson Dr Janet Banda dated 30th September 2016 indicated that seven other lawyers were found to be on the wrong side of the law when it came to handling clients’ money and compensation.

The committee has recommended for the disbarment and prosecution of lawyer Patron Ndhlovu for swindling clients’ money totaling to K11.9 million.

Another lawyer who the committee has recommended to disbar and be prosecuted is Kajani Banda who also received K1 million on behalf of his client but failed to remit it the client.

“Mr Lusungu Gondwe received K26,862,855.00 on behalf of his client but failed to remit K9,833,453.07. However, he subsequently remitted the money to the client,” reads the finding of the charge.

The committee recommended suspension and prosecution for the young and upcoming lawyer Gondwe.

Two lawyers Mapemphero Manda and Lucious Kwakwala will be reprimanded for conducting themselves in a fraudulent and improper manner.

Veteran lawyer and legislator Edwin Banda received money on behalf of a client and underpaid the client and the committee has recommended that the disgraced lawyer pay back the balance and that he should be suspended.

Golden Mwangulube charged his client exorbitant legal fees and as a result the committee recommended that he should be reprimanded for this act.

A social analyst who did not want to be named described the development as just a tip of the icerberg.

“There are too many other lawyers who are involved in these kind of deals and many clients out there are suffering while they drive in expensive cars at the expense of the clients. MLS should dig more, they will find that half of these lawyers are crooked,” he said.


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