Lucius Banda Mobilizing ‘Alleged UDF Fans ‘ In Area 24 To Hold A Presser Against DPP-UDF Alliance

United Democratic Front (UDF) Party law marker for Balaka North Constituency, Lucius Chiko Banda is mobilizing and ferrying alleged UDF supporters from Area 24 to town, in Lilongwe today, where he has told them to hold a press conference to speak against the UDF and DPP working relationship, saying they are against it.

According to the information which Malawi Independent has got from one of the alleged UDF member from Area 24, the Press conference is expected to start at 9:00 am this morning.

Banda has told the people that they have to be involved in the affairs of DPP-UDF Alliance and that their voice must be heard on this working relations.The people are being carried by Omars Transport trucks which belong to Altaf Omar, a young brother of Iqbar Omar who is financing and misleading the UDF supporters.

However, this publication has established that Banda is telling them what to say and he has paid them to advance his agenda against the wishes of UDF which said is in full support of the alliance.

Those going to attend and speak at the press conference have been paid MK 10,000 each and have been told to be at Area 24 UDF offices,where they have no idea of what is to happen and are going to be in attendance as blind followers. The reporters to cover the presser are from Times Media group.

The people have been told to speak that they are against the working relationship between DPP and UDF.


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