Sulugwe Launches Smear Website NewsNigerian To Attack Govt, President Mutharika,Others With It

After attacking Democratic Progressive Party government, castigating President Peter Mutharika,his staff and other innocent Malawians through his websites which this publication revealed, former Bushiri PRO has come up with a new plan to attack those who share different views with him once more, now masquerading as having busted his Malawi Punch and previously.

Some of the victims of Sulugwes evil intention-ed websites Malawi Punch and Malawizoom were President Mutharika, His ministers, business men, musicians like Patience Namadingo, Mutharika’s special aides, State House Press office and others.

Our publication exposed Kelvin Sulugwe as the man behind Malawi Punch and Malawizoom websites sometime back, the online outlets which he was using to victimise others with a belief that he was in a masking mode.

The disgruntled PRO of ECG having fallen out of grace with his former master and creating a lot of enemies by how he handled his former office ,lacking morals and disrespect even for Malawi President through a series of Open letters he wrote attacking Mutharika seems not to tire from his bad past which still haunts him now.

Sulugwe will now be using which he registered on 25 February, 2017 being hosted in Australia on IP address and having name Servers; and as his new tool to insult Mutharika and his government and others just as he used to do with the other sites which are now down and its domains in redemption mode.


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