Disgruntled Kelvin Sulugwe Planned To Have Fellow Worker At ECG Killed:Narrates Ayden

I could say the same. Kelvin was more than a brother to me, a man i went all out assist as and when i could. He used to do the same. I thought he was family. Until such a day he woke up, and decided to peddle outright lies about me with the only truth being a physical address. He wrote a long post, which included revealing my residential address, despite him knowing the dangers of such information being in public, especially with Zimbabwe’s mafia politicians.

I read today, that he posted calling me his brother. Nothing could be further from the truth. When he posted his lies, i realized then, that Kelvin did not mind having me killed.

Luckily, he did so just 2 days before i left South Africa, permanently, for Nairobi, Kenya, where i now work with Google Africa.

But his actions will never, can never escape the notice they deserve.

However, i resolved not to fight him, especially after the farewell conversation i had with Major One. Despite what Kelvin says, i am where i am not because of him, but because of the skills i have, which i have developed over a period of 8 years, before i have even met him.

I could on about the details, but i appreciate that, he is not worth the time. He is not the only one who can write malice online. Some of us have pages with millions of followers. We could do that, but we understand that, having made it, it is pointless to fight those that have not.

We have videos of Kelvin doing very unspeakable things. We have evidence of him engaging in criminal stuff. We have bank records of payments made to solicit illegal services, and witnesses willing to testify. But we hold these close, understanding that, this man was once a brother.

Of course i will never stop regretting having considered him a brother at one point.

He will probably continue to do his nonsense. To slander and attack anyone he thinks is close to Major 1.

I hope that works for him. Because he hopes Major 1 will find his blackmail worth rewarding. Although we all know this is false. Whatever his goal is, he will get his sure reward.

What Kelvin did, and is doing, in the hope of destroying people he calls brothers is testament of who he is as a person. Anyway, i will just watch, and see. I think perhaps you may want to do the same. A person that low, does not deserve your engagement.

It is better to sit with intellectuals silently, and listen to their conversations, than to engage with people of that calibre. That is my view.


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