MCP Wrangles Reach Climax:Regional, District Chairmen In Support Of July 7 Indaba To Oust Chakwera

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) disgruntled regional and District chairpersons from over 20 districts have vowed that come July 7 2017 they will proceed to hold a national convention announced by secretary general Gustav Kaliwo and his deputy Chatonda Kaunda.

“We are here in support of our Secretary General Gustav Kaliwo on the call of the convention to stabilize tension rocking party,” said James Baza Kaunda, leader of the faction calling itself Legitimate Members of MCP.

“Kaliwo remains the party’s secretary general and it is only the convention that can remove him from the position,” he said.

Kaliwo and Kaunda announced at a news conference that the MCP would be holding its convention July 7 to 9 to resolve the growing internal wrangles.

But MCP president through second deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka dismissed the convention call, describing it as invalid as the party constitution only gives mandate to National Executive Committee to call for a national convention, due to take place next year.

The chairpersons however denounced Mkaka as party’s spokesperson saying his post does not exist in MCP structures.

“So, whether somebody wants or not we are going to the convention on July 7-9, 2017 to settle the wrangles ahead of our come back to government,” said Baza Kaunda

Another group of MCP Eastern  and Southern political regions held a news conference at Bumble in Thyolo to state that they will be going to a convetion in July.

“We want to resolve the issues in our party,” said Thomas Black who chaired the news conference.

Black  who said is MCP district secretary for Blantyre said if MCP brass wnat Kaliwo to be fired, the convetion will decide.

Meanwhile, Mkaka has said Black and other disgruntled leaders who were at the news conference were not legitimate MCP members.

MCP Eastern Region chairperson Harry Mchilima said the leaders in his region will only accept a legitimate convention next year.



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