After Stealing Fuel From His Card, Week Long Of Sex, Self Abduction: Kamlepo Comes Out Well Dressed

Kamlepo Kalua is a big fool and an example of immature politicians we entrust with power to help the poor  people and develop this nation but alas! Our nation cannot develop with such type of foolish politicians who can fake an abduction, enjoy sex with concubines in Area 49, steal fuel from their own card and days later , come out to claim that they were  kidnapped yet beards well shaved, clean clothes and no injury despite being thrown out of a moving car as he claims.

We told you that comedian Kamlepo Kalua will stage another solo exhibition of the tasteless comedies of his! He has.

The hot car dealer whose vehicles MRA seized last week is on stage in Njamba where he has handcuffed himself. Dressed in neat casual clothes, he has tied himself with a rope in both hands and legs and surrounded himself with not police officers but some young men.

Kamlepo is on the run from the arm of the law following the seizure of his three vehicles by MRA last week for evasion of duty in their importation.

Worse still, one of those cars, a Mercedes-Benz, is on INTERPOL wanted list as it was stolen in a shoot-out heist in South Africa. That robbery led to the killing of one person. The vehicle belonged to OUTSURANCE, a South African insurance firm.

Apart from the Benz, MRA also seized a jeep which was also stolen in Johannesburg and is wanted by INTERPOL.

Kamlepo also brought in a Land Cruiser but he registered it as a Nissan Vanette. He brought in these three vehicles without paying duty, hence MRA’s swoop on him.

Since the revelations of his illegal dealings three weeks ago, he has embarked on a dramatisation of it all in his desperate attempt to buy public sympathy.

First, he claimed the seizure of the vehicles is a political witch-hunt. The public knows this is about laws and Kamlepo is not above the law.

Having failed on this trick, he spread another joke that 150 police officers invaded his home for the seizure. This one also failed when it was discovered that it was only four police officers two of them trainees.
Then he threw one that he is missing. It was discovered he was at his concubine at Gulliver in Lilongwe.

Noting that this missing scene has also collapsed, he has come up with the self-arrest display which is also destined to fall flat on its face.

Look out for Part 5 of this flavourless comedy from the poorest actor ever seen.


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