Malawi Journalists’ Party-MJP: Foolish Politicians Masquerading As Journalists Cancel MISA Elections

It is no longer a secret that politicians in Malawi are not only those we see in different political party’s , the ones our media castigate and throw stones at as being disorganized, clueless,vision less, fortune seekers and opportunists but alas! We also have some masquerading as journalists.They is no difference between our politicians and the journalists in the country if the MISA elections which have been postponed is something to go by.

Shameful. Uncompromising. Undemocratic. That is one way of describing the media in Malawi after they failed to hold elections at their annual general meeting on Saturday in Lilongwe as part of the World Press Freedom Day celebrations.

These are journalists who claim to hold other organisations and those in authority accountable but failed to hold themselves accountable to what they preach.

They failed to hold elections because of greed and being used by politicians. The two camps protested against some names on the voters roll. Both camps had paid membership for students from various colleges.

The two candidates aspiring for the chairperson position were Tereza Ndanga of Zodiak Broadcasting Station and veteran business journalist Frank Phiri. At Zodiak, employees including messengers, cleaners and others who are not journalists were paid for.

A suggestion was made to demand identity cards from every eligible voter but it was shot down.

There was commotion in the hall at River Side hotel as the journalists could not agree on the way forward. Each side refused to have the elections unless the dubious names on the voters roll were cleared.

Phiri later compromised but Ndanga threatened to pull out and said she could not accept results of the elections if she would lose.

Many journalists accused Misa Malawi National Governing Council of siding with Ndanga.

NGC summoned the two candidates and their teams to reason together.After failing to reach a compromise, NGC invited them to Misa secretariat on Sunday to verify the names on the voters roll.

Misa Chairperson Thom Khanje said elections would be conducted in few weeks time after ironing out the mess.

“Both camps are to blame and even the NGC is also to blame. We will have elections may be in two weeks time. We will invite the people and they will use their own transport,” said Khanje.

Meanwhile, over 30 students from Malawi Institute of Journalism students who wanted to return immediately were stranded as they had no money . They said they were promised some money from undisclosed sources.

After the fracas many journalists lost interest in the goingson and they left for their destinations.


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