Interpol On The Neck Of Kamlepo Kalua For Buying ‘Two Stolen Cars’ : Owners Identified In RSA

It never rains for Kamlepo Kalua whose cars were impounded by the MRA for failing to pay its customs, with new revelations showing that two cars were stolen in an exchange of gun shots between the police and robbers in South Africa, where one person was killed in the process.

South Africa’ government agencies have been looking for this car and now its agencies are investigating it.

Malawi Independent through to INTERPOL operatives has established that the white Mercedes Benz (2014 make) which is not even found in the Road Traffic system despite having a registered number plate belonged to OUTsurance, and the owner’s former address is 241 Embankment Road, Zwartkop, Centurion in South Africa.The vehicle’s chassis number is WDD2040222R002072.

As that is not enough, another Kalua’s vehicle which the MRA also seized Jeep-CS 31-MK GP is also suspected to be a stolen car from Johannesburg in South Africa.

The Jeep Cherokee belonged to Ajusu on 12 Olim Parkl, Paulsmit Street, Ravenswood in Boksburg, South Africa. Its chassis number is 1J8HDE8M05Y574370.


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