Chakwera Pants As MCP Secretary General Kaliwo, District Chairmen Call For An Emergency Convention

Leader of opposition parties in Malawi and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president, Lazarus Chakwera is under intense panic as a grouping of party officials who are against his leadership style led by Secretary General, Gustav Kaliwo have called for an emergency convention slated for July this year.

Kaliwo on Saturday told the media in Blantyre in a news conference that due to growing concerns by party chairpersons across the country and with the backing of the party’s constitution, it was necessary to call for the convention set for July 7th to July 9th at yet to be disclosed venue to resolve the internal squabbles that have plunged the party into chaotic state.

“I have had meetings with almost 23 committees from various districts across the country who requested me to call for a convention. Time is running out, as Malawi Congress Party we need to put our house in order if we are to have any chance in 2019. Therefore, I am today announcing a convention will take place on Friday 7th July to Sunday 9th July,” said Kaliwo to the jubilation of party chairpersons who attended the briefing.

“Delegates to the convention are those who attended the August 2013 convention. If anyone questions my authority, they should know I have been authorized by the Malawi Congress Party constitution to call for the convention,” he said.

According to Article 40 of the MCP constitution, an emergency convention can only be called if the party’s national executive committee resolves by two thirds of its membership, or at the request of half of the number of the district committees.

Kaliwo franked by his deputy Chatonda Kaunda challenged that he has a backing of more than half of the party’s district committees to call for the convention and his move has a blessing of some of the executive committee members.

Kaliwo accused Chakwera of snubbing his calls for a face to face meeting to resolve some of the issues have been making rounds in the media about the party’s leadership.

He argued his efforts to resolve the raised concerns by party supporters through their respective chairpersons hit a blank wall following Chakwera’s refusal to meet him.

Kaliwo then challenged that his decision is final and those who feel aggrieved should, instead of seeking legal remedy, engage in public debate on the legality of his call for the convention.


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