Fombe’s Era End: ACB On His Neck, CMS Mgt Blocks Him From Accessing His Office

Central Medical Stores Supply Chain Manager and acting Director of Procurement James Fombe woke up to a rude awakening, when he was told by management of the Trust that he will no longer be allowed to access his office.

This follows a leakage of his wedding budget by some of his committee members which was to take place at Livingstonia Beach in Salima, and the budget was a whooping MK 69 million to be settles by him.
Fombe, a well known womanizer has off late been enjoying first class trips to Dubai and other countries with his splee of girl friends,raising more questions of how much he earns, bearing in mind that he is a civil servant whose salary and allowances are not even coming to MK 1.5 million a month.

As that is not enough, James Fombe’s friends have told this publication that on several occasions he has been hiring jets, to take him to South Africa for a drinking joint and back to Malawi, everything from his pocket.

Pot of gold which Fombe found at Central Medical Stores did not only earn him a lavishing life style but also had a chain of lovers who were also playing jackpot to the tax payers money and some of them are Maria Chidumu, Thumbie Nguluwe, Pachalo Mkomanthenga and Mphatso Tiyankhurenji whom he was supposed to marry and he snatched her from Davis Manyenje of AHXL.

That is not all, Fombe is reported to have bought her girlfriend Mphatso a state of the art Mercedes Benz which is valued at over MK 11 million and was registered as CA 4444 apart from small cars that he has bought for his other girl friends including houses.
It never rains for James Fombe , after being blocked from accessing his office by Management, information in our possession indicates that Anti- Corruption Burea are also on his neck.

Malawians have called upon ACB to work professionally and deal with this civil servant to explain the source of his wealth and what sort of business is he in to afford a wedding of MK 69 million and lavishing millions on things he was not able to manage some years back, yet at the same time hospitals are going without drugs.

Few weeks ago when Fombe was having his briday shower, pictures circulating on social media show that he splashed some south Africans rands and he is expected to splash some Euros and dollars at his wedding.


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