PP Youths Want More Days For Kumpukwe In Police Cell To Get More Money From JB Who Stopped Helping Them

Peoples Party Youths led by Mr Binali, the regional youth director for the former ruling party of Imbecile cum fugitive Joyce Banda ,have told our publication that they want Cecilia Kumpukwe, sister to the former president now in exile to stay longer in police custody, for them to continue getting money they are being given by the Joyce Banda family,compensating for what they lost when jailed Cecilia Kumpukwe was robbing them finances Joyce Banda used to send her money for the Peoples Party affairs.

One out of the twenty Peoples Party youth members observing a vigil in the name of offering security, to the younger sister of the former president of the Republic Dr Joyce Banda confided in our reporter that they are financially being well taken care of and wished that the process stalls so that they sufficiently milk the former president, who has of late not being remitting any financial support to the PP youth wing of central region.

“Joyce Banda run away from us three years ago, she stopped sending us support or communicating to us but we are told that Madame Kumpukwe who has been arrested was getting money in the name of helping Peoples Party loyalists but it is reported she was eating that money alone, this is the only chance for us to enjoy money from Joyce Banda again when Kumpukwe is in police custody and to compensate for the loss we have suffered for three years now,”said one of the PP youths.

Mrs Kumpukwe is still at Kanengo police station where she has spent her second night in an office with one of the chairs acting as her bed.


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