Fast Economic Growth, Smart City, Big Data,Cheap Internet On The Way As APM Launches National Fibre Backbone Project

Malawians are yet to experience a fast economic growth with the help of state of the art ICT services and coming in of smart cities which are likely to benefit the civial aviation, traffic control systems, robotics, e-education,e-health,online banking ,financial management, human resources ,marketing and security system among other things with the coming in of national fibre backbone project, which was launched by President Prof.Arthur Peter Mutharika, on Wednesday at Bingu International Conventional Center (BICC) in Lilongwe.

Malawi President described the Malawi National fibre backbone project as a timely solution which will not only ease communication by bringing in fast and affordable internet across the country but will also help in cleaning up the civil service which had many ghost workers.

The Malawi National Fibre Backbone Project is a brain child of President Mutharika and mainly seeks to integrate government operating systems and improve quality of service delivery.

Speaking while commissioning the long awaited connectivity project, Mutharika said for decades the country has been battling with the influx of fake government workers who kept on draining public resources.

He said this will however be a thing of the past as the project will among others connect the country’s human resource systems which will keep up to date data for genuine government employees.

The Project will also drive fast economic growth with the coming in of more investors in the ICT sector,this will enable the informatization process to reach all corners of Malawi and introduction of smart cities and big data which rely on fast and reliable internet.

Chinese Ambassador to Malawi, Wang Shi Ting commended Malawi for joining the global world in as far as information connectivity is concerned.

He said once completed, Malawi will have fast speed internet, reduce internet cost and vibrant information access by all Malawians.

“I believe that this project will bring more business to Malawi and offer numerous benefits. Soon we should be able see the introduction of E-learning, E-commerce and E-economy.

“Malawi will have improved access to the internet, increased speed of internet and an enhanced connection between Malawi and the outside world,” said Wang.

Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Nicholas Dausi said the ministry will try its level best to ensure that the project progresses.

Dausi also said it will be the role of the ministry to educate Malawians about the importance of the project.


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