Kumpukwe To Miss Daughters Wedding As She Remains In Custody: ‘Mike Msungama Faced The Same During PP Reign’

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you so they say. The evils that Peoples Party operatives led by arrested Cecilia Kumpukwe, the grant evil architect in the Joyce Banda’s imbecile two year leadership put into many Malawians, now is coming back to them.

Imbecile Joyce Banda’s operatives are being hunted by their evil past.Few years ago, Mike Msungama who is well known business tycoon in Malawi post-poned his wedding at the Bingu Conventional Center, following the arrest which Kumpukwe organised on cooked up cash gate cases against Msungama, for suspected to be MCP operative as well as denying Joyce Banda to use his limousines for her campaign which saw her loosing miserably in 2014.

Cecilia Kumpukwe then the prime minister instructed the police to arrest Msungama forcing him and his relations to cancel their wedding when everything had already been done.

Fast forward to 2017, Cecilia Kumpukwe, the sister to Joyce Banda will dance to the same tunes that Msungama danced when PP was in power and Kumpukwe calling the shots for being the most powerful sister to then President Joyce Banda.

It is reported that Cecilia Kumpukwes daughter was to get married over the coming weekend and arrangements for her wedding have been affected following her arrest.

Malawi Independent understands that this is the reason Kumpukwe is crying like a baby at Kanengo Police, going through the same path she let Mike Msungama went through when her and cronnies were drunk with power.

Kumpukwe and her friends seems to have forgotten too soon of the evils that they were committing and today they want to fool Malawians that they are being arrested for being connected to an imbecile and fugitive Joyce Banda without thinking that they have committed a crime and the police have to do their investigations.

Karma is a bitch.



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