Sabotage: PLEM Constructs A Sub-Standard Area 24 Rd For People To Castigate APM Govt

PLEM Construction is reported to have deliberately constructed a sub standard road in Area 24 with an aim of having resident in Area 24 in Lilongwe to throw insults at the leadership of President Peter Mutharika,thereby making people not to appreciate the good intentions which the DPP had to have proper roads in the city of Lilongwe.

People in area 24 have described the upgrading of the location’s road as substandard following potholes and ragged shoulders that have developed even before a year has elapsed.

The residents said they are thankful to Peter Mutharika government that through the City Council their road was among those considered for upgrading but they are not happy with the quality of work that the contractor has displayed.

They added that most of the job, especially the application of the said tarmac, was done manually which he described as lack of proper equipment on the part of the contractor.

But while admitting to have used manually.

In the 2016/2017 financial year, government allocated MK2.5 billion for the rehabilitation of selected roads.

It is unfortunate that the road has since developed potholes.


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