Illusion,Power Hungry,Cluelessness In Chakwera: The Case Of A Political Cartoon

If leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera is not sick in the head ,then he must consider visiting a mental hospital to be certified as being a normal person,otherwise the pace at which the reverend is exposing his madness and stupidity in the public is alarming.

Illusionist that Chakwera is sometimes forgets that he is just a political amateur , a man who doesn’t know much about political leadership and wants everyone around him to be worshiping him and not critique his mistakes just as he used to be treated when he was a dictator at the Malawi Assemblies of God who almost became a semi-god.

The extravagant Chakwera who moves around with over 10 bodyguards is a clear sign of a mad man who if entrusted with power can take the whole C company or barracks to give him protection because Chakwera is an enemy of himself who is even scared with his own shadow and making.

As per Malawian tradition,the lunatic Chakwera has exposed himself to be a man who doesn’t care for the people he claims to stand for if the picture of him seated at a grave on a cloth and over 10 bodyguards is something to go by.

This man overrates himslef.He is a great politic cartoon of all times whose alliance with an imbecile Joyce Banda proves much of the mad person that he is.

Say no to mediocrity,Malawians deserve better.


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