St Andrews Colonialists Set To Be Sued By Its Deputy Head Teacher Whaite

Following revelations about gross abuse and racism at Saint Andrews International High School in Blantyre, Andrew Whaite, Deputy Headteacher of studies has vowed that he will sue the school for tarnishing his image and failing to protect him.

Malawi Independent reported that a few weeks ago, Andrew Whaite was caught in a sexual abuse and harassment scandal.

Andrew whaite sexually abused a black assistant drama teacher at the school. The full details are that, Andrew whaite was making sexual remarks on the young lady and continuously kept texting the lady about how he feels for her.

This did not go well with the young lady and politely requested Mr Whaite to stop or risk being reported to Management where he is also a member.

This only added the power in Mr Whaite who threatened the lady that he was untouchable and no one would stop him. As a sign of being angry, he started overloading the black assistant teacher with a lot of work and promised her that a lot was coming unless she gives in to his demands.

When management was told about the issues, Kieron Smith, head teacher at Saint Andrews asked the young teacher to shut up and just be strong about it. ‘ we were very surprised with that a response.’ Said our when asked.

‘ She decided to stay away from work and reported the matter to our Board but up to now they are very quiet. Your guess is as good as mine.’

Efforts to talk to the Head teacher of the school was impossible as he is in the UK for holiday but his assistant who also doubles as personnel manager, Maria Kaitano said, ‘Please tell your source this matter will die naturally.

If someone thinks anything will change here, then they are foolish.’ Asked to clarify more, she only said ‘ go tell your sources to build their own schools where there is no abuse. Do you think a white person should receive the same money as a black person?

Saint Andrews has come under the public after similar abuse scandals are said to occur at FMB and Kalibu Academy.

Unlike the two, Saint Andrews has added homosexuality where a head of A level is also involved in sexual activities with some students and boys from Ndirande Township in Blantyre.
President Mutharika promised Malawians a week ago that he will not tolerate any form of abuse in work places and instructed the labour ministry to be strong when delaing with these issues.

It remains to be seen on how His Government will deal with issues of awarding Temporary Employment Permits to immigrants who are said to obtain them in a corrupt manner from the Department of Immigration.


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