Malawians Being Called ‘Black Monkeys’,Abused By St. Andrews Inter.High Duo of Kieron,Andrew Waite

Kieron Smith and Andrew Waite abusing Malawians at Saint Andrews International High School in Blantyre.

As if in defiance to our Countries laws, the New headteacher at SAINTS in Blantyre has been championing a hunt against Malawian staff and dismissing them without any form of justice.

The recent move has seen Kieron Smith issuing a letter to the staff at this Government designated school telling all staff that they will let him know where they want their pension transferred by August. This follows new contracts that he says will be given only to staff that show good attitude to their work and are seen to to want to be at the institution.

In a letter sent to all staff, kieron writes ‘It is not automatic that all of you will have new contracts, I will only give contracts to only those that show good conduct and their attitude shows they want to be here’.

The letter has sent more questions than answers among staff on how this attitude will be measured in an institution that has no any form of appraisal.

‘There are a lot of things going on in this place and we wish Government intervened to save us’ said our source who opted for anonymity. You will be shocked to hear that all those vacancies that appear in the papers, no Malawian is called for an interview.

Is it not a requirement that when a job is offered to an expatriate there should also be an understudy? Our source questioned. ‘They only do this to beat the Malawi immigration laws and at times bribe the immigration officers.’

‘How is it possible that the Department of Immigration is able to issue TEPs to these white people in this country without proper investigation?

When they come here they give employment to their wives who in the first place come as family and all of a sudden they are very qualified. How many universities do we have in this country and how old are they? Do we need a white person to teach us Mathematics? What type of Mathematics?

How come College of Medicine, Poly and Chacol is able to teach people Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Algebra? When you give TEPs to these people they thank us by calling us monkeys and at the same time warn us never to start any workers union. Why are we slaves in our own country?

It is rumoured that some weeks ago the Deputy head Andrew whaite abused a young female teacher who works as an assistant in the drama department. The lady denied him sex and he kept illtreating her calling her names.

Kieron Smith did nothing. Male white teachers do take boys from Ndirande township and sleep with them and nothing is happening. Malawi is said to have not accepted same sex marriages.

It is time that as a country we should be respected for what we fought for. If these white people are the best, why can’t they go and teach in their own land? Why come teach monkeys?

They give businessess to each other recently they had to put a stupid school history and paid 11000 pounds to a UK magazine


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