APM Welcomes Queen’s Baton Relay:Tells Athletes,Officials To Work On Winning Medals

President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika has called upon athletes and officials in the sports circles to consider working hard , and ironing pressing issues that prevent the country’s sports personality from winning awards and putting Malawi on the map.

Mutharika was speaking at Kamuzu International Airport at a function that was set to welcome visitors who have brought the Queen’s Baton to Malawi and thanked the British Government, through Her Majesty the Queen, for introducing the Commonwealth Games to be played by all the commonwealth member countries.

“Malawi has been participating in these games for a long time but our performance at the games has not been encouraging. Our neighbors also used to under-perform at the games but now they are able to win medals from the games.”Said Mutharika.

APM added that the 2018 Commonwealth games are only one year away and urged all responsible officials and athletes to start serious preparations for the games now so that Malawi improves her performance and start winning medals.

He added that his DPP-led government is committed to continue associating with the Commonwealth family and also to support all development programmes of the commonwealth family.

Mutharika wished the Queens Baton delegates a nice and safe stay in Malawi and also to have a safe trip to Zambia on 24th April, 2017, after a successful Queens Baton Relay in Malawi.


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