Malawian Students Under Slavery At Kalibu Academy:Corporal Punishment Flourishes By School Director

Kalibu Academy continues to sail under bad spotlight with the latest being the flourishing corporal punishment inflicted on both students and teachers by the school’s director Revered Michael Thomas Howard.

The situation is said to have inflicted fear in the learners, with some refusing to return after Easter Holiday.

According to one of the parents, her ward reported that much time is spent on sports as opposed to learning.
“Quality in diet has even dwindled despite parents coughing K650, 000 per term. Day scholars do better than boarder’s because as the boarders are forced to wake up as early as 3am to do manual works,” said one of the parents.

Reports of abuse at Kalibu dates have been rampant since 2014.

The schools director Michael Thomas Howard has also embroiled is homosexual misconduct against numerous students, missionaries and employees of the Academy.

Despite the abuses, No formal government inquiry has been conducted.

Howard is a white African, born in Zimbabwe during a time when colonialism was still very alive. His continued physical and verbal abuse of black employees and students bears a strong resemblance to someone who believes the black Africans are still slaves to their white owners.


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