CSO’ Want JB Probed For Attempted Murder Of Mpwiyo, Bingu’s Sudden Death, Cash gate Related Crimes

A group of civil society organisations operating under the Civil Society Forum for Democracy and Development (CFDD) have demanded the arrest of “cash gate godmother” Joyce Banda, who is reportedly wanted by international law enforcement agencies on the attempted murder of budget director in her regime, and cash gate related cases committed in the republic of Malawi under her watch.

They are also pressing for the probe of her involvement in the sudden death of former President of Malawi,Late Bingu Wa Mutharika’s.

CFDD wants MCP president and Leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera also under probe for his suspiciously-acquired wealth.

The CSOs have made the demand in a letter to Anti-Corruption Bureau Director Lucas Kondowe, Inspector General of Police Lexten Kachama and Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mary Kachale.

In the letter, the CSOs want Joyce Banda arrested for masterminding Cashgate in which she and her government officials stole more than K20 billion of government money.

The “fiscal vandalist” Joyce Banda fled the country soon after losing elections in May 2014.

CFDD also demand that the Peoples Party self-exiled leader be dragged back home to account for the proceeds of the presidential jet which she sold in her desperate attempt to please donors who had pressed for the disposal of the asset.

The CSOs also want Joyce Banda to tell the nation who shot Paul Mphwiyo since she said it herself in public that she knew who had attempted to kill the former Budget Director.

“The then state president publicly told the nation to know who Mphwiyo shooters were, probably the motive as well. This was at the height of coordinated fiscal vandalism, as it was directly and wholly linked to cash-gate and its revelation.

“In addition to this, some of those convicted for their participation in cashgate have confessed both in public as well as in courts that there was a godmother who
masterminded the deadly cash-gate promised them that they would not be visited by the long arm of justice,” reads the letter.

The CSOs further press for Joyce Banda to be brought back home for her to explain how ESCOM offices were gutted by fire as details of her Cashgate project began to emerge.

They also say Joyce Banda owes the nation answers as to how maize was looted from the strategic grain reserves by her government on the pretext that it was rotten.

For Chakwera, the CFDD want the ACB, the DPP and the Malawi Police to probe his accumulation of wealth with which he is building a house at the cost of close to K1 billion.

The CFDD says Joyce Banda’s plunder of government money affected heavily people who depend on services provided by the government to enjoy their natural rights to life, good health and education.

“These are people who had no hand in cash-gate (but have been) pushed further into the abyss of abject poverty,” says CFDD.

The CSOs have demanded action by the three law enforcers within 21 days or they face pressure to resign.

The letter is signed by CFDD National Chairman Harry Mikuwa and National Organising Secretary Kingsley Mabalani


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