ACB Investigations Yield Nothing On Late President Bingu’s Wealth

Malawi’s Graft bursting body,the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) which instituted an investigations into former president Bingu wa Mutharika’s wealth some years back has told Parliamentary Accounts Commite (PAC) that they have failed to connect late President Bingu to any wrong doing on how he ammased his weath, and that they have not yielded any positive results.

It is on record that former President Joyce Banda for her political reasons to punish the Democratic Progressive Party and the family of Bingu in 2013, authorised investigations on the matter .

However,the ACB’s inquiry into the alleged accumulation of wealth of the former president (Bingu wa Mutharika) tried to source information and leads to the wealth of Bingu but they have found nothing.

“We tried to get information through intelligence but it was not forthcoming,” Said Mponda of ACB,one of the team member leading the investigation.

Mponda said ACB followed up on most of the local payments Bineth Trust, Silver Grey Foundation and other entities that belonged to Mutharika but that they were mismatch.


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