Chakwera Accused Of Stealing Two Cars Donated By Well Wishers To MCP:Changes Ownership To His Name

Leader of opposition in parliament and President of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has come under fire by and cornered by party officials to explain why he changed ownership of a donated vehicle to his party into his name and now his son is using it as a personal car.

It has been established that vehicle registration number BS 3819 was donated to MCP in the run up to the 2014 general election for campaign purposes by a well wisher, but Chakwera after the elections changed the ownership of the car and gave it to his son to be using as personal car.

“The most surprising things is that Honourable Chakwera has changed the ownership from the party to his name. His son is now using it as a personal vehicle. This is not the transparency and accountability he is holding the government,” Said Fyson Chonzi, one of the CSO members in the country.

Another vehicle MJ 6534 which was donated by Salima central MP Felix Jumbe in the run up to the election to MCP is being abused by Chakera and details have it that he gave it to his family which uses it as a family vehicle.

Chozi also alleged Chakwera, who is Leader of Opposition in parliament, is failing to account for money donations and funding the party gets from parliament.


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