APM’ Historical Entry Into Blantyre Shivers Opposition: DPP For Another Victory In 2019

This was not Presdient Peter Mutharika’s first entry into Malawi’s business capital, Blantyre; but it was probably the first of its kind in terms of the mammoth, jubilant crowds that lined up both sides of the road to welcome him.

From Kameza Roundabout to the very gates of Sanjika Palace, people, most of them clad in mighty DPP colours, thronged the sides of the road and jammed the streets.

This was clearly a sharp response to some recent Chancellor College survey which suggested that Mutharika was no longer popular.

The crowds did not only paint the city blue but also cheered rupturously as they milled up and down escorting the President’s convoy.

In one of his brief addresses to the gathering enroute to the city, Mutharika who was also in cheerful mood underscored his administartion’s commitment to ensure Malawi’s socio-economic development.

The energetic Sendera Sisters coloured Mutharika’s entry into the city with their latest ‘Alibe Problem’ song coming back to back while the vibrant cadets stood their usual tall with ‘A dad A dad’.

DPP Regional Governor for the South Charles Mchacha underlined what these crowds meant:

“This is a political statement as 2019 is fast approaching. Those dreaming to race against him have every reason to get worried,” Mchacha said.


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