DPP’s Ken Nsonda Corners PP Eyed Boy-Times Reporter Juma Zammimba AKA Brian Banda

With Ken Msonda as your interviewee, you have to be at your very best because he isn’t your below average customer in composure and in taking on questions.

Brian Banda should have known that but as expected of someone who struggles to produce evidence of his education and who shows he does not have a grasp of national issues, he miserably failed to cow the wily Ken Msonda during the Times Radio Talk Show on Friday.

From the start of the interview Brian Banda was bent on making use of his usual tactic of slighting and bullying his interviewees.

However, Ken Msonda was more than his match as he schooled Banda on a number of issues on governance, economy and in the process exposed the host’s pettiness, ignorance and political agenda and drove him into anger. In a couple of times, the interviewer became the interviewee.

In the interview, Banda displayed his shamelessness for example when he claimed Msonda was perpetually broke, hence his joining the ruling DPP in order for him to make money. To which Msonda schooled him about the businesses he has been involved in from as long before Brian Banda was born.

Msonda went on to chide Banda for his malignant sense of jealous and envy and for asking questions that lacked substance and that would bring nothing to the people of Malawi.

At end, the infuriated Brian, a Joyce Banda boy, lashed at Msonda for evading his questions and for being rude throughout the interview. The DPP hater even said these are the traits Msonda has learnt from the DPP which he joined last month.

Msonda replied with a rather scathing remark. He said “Mukamafuna kundifunsa ine mafunso muzikonzekera kuti lero ndikukafunsa mafunso a Msonda osangozambatuka mapeto ake muzayaluka nazo ngati mwayalukira leromu pa radiopa. Kumakomzeka mwina muzisala kudya for one week kuti musamafunse mafunso ambwelerawa”.


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