President Mutharika Commissions MH Water Treatment Plant ,Commemorates World Water Day

President Prof.Arthur Peter Mutharika today joined the rest of the world in commemorating the World Water Day at a function which took place at Nkopola Lodge in Mangochi.

In his speech, Mutharika said Water is precious and attributed to the fact that God made water to be 70% of the earth.And that God made water to be 70% percent of the human body as water is life.

“But, we cannot take water for granted because we never take life for granted. We can’t afford to waste water. We can’t afford to waste what is precious to our life.” Added Mutharika.

Today, the whole world celebrates the importance of water. Today, Malawi joins the world to celebrate the importance of water.

Mutharikas message to Malawians was that:
Don’t waste water.
Water is life.
Life is precious.
Water is precious.

He further added that,In our time, we have one more reason to guard our water resources jealously.

Our population is growing. And there is increased demand for water.

Besides, the world is going through the worst climate change known in our times. Climate change is affecting rainfall patterns. As a result, our water resources are dwindling.
Our water resources are also declining because we are destroying our water resource catchment areas.

As our water resources dwindle, we must find new ways of managing water. We must start harvesting water during the rainy seasons for use during the dry period. We must also jealously preserve our water resource catchment areas.

Government will continue implementing policies that make water available, preserved, safe and utilizable for agricultural production and for domestic and industrial use.

As I speak, we are in the process of enacting legislation that provides for an independent regulator for water supply and sanitation. Let us take sanitation seriously and invest in wastewater and waste management.

Sadly, I have noted a bad trend in our cities and towns. In most construction sites, we dig septic tanks instead of using sewer lines. This affects the quality of our ground water and it is a health hazard. This needs to change. Water safety and sanitation must never be compromised.

As Government, we will continue ensuring that provision of potable water remains our first priority. For this reason, we will continue implementing projects that provide safe water across the country.

I want us to provide potable water to all people living in Malawi by 2030. This includes the people of Mangochi and the surrounding areas. That is why my Government has established the Mangochi Water Project.

In my final remarks, I want to talk about Lake Malawi. This lake is one of the greatest treasures of this country. Lake Malawi has some of the most beautiful shores of Africa. Lake Malawi has the greatest varieties of fish in the world. It is the source of water which we use in our homes and offices. We need to keep our Lake clean.

Therefore, I want to thank the friends of this country who have conducted an intensive cleaning campaign at Cape Maclear in the last one week. We will keep the Lake clean and keep it on the list of world heritage sites. Those who worry about our plans to explore and drill oil have no reason to fear. If we decide to drill oil in the lake, we will ensure we use on-shore clean technology. We value our Lake and we will ensure we implement measures to protect it, at all cost.

But as a country, we need to move forward.


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