Prophet Wakisa Chisazo Accused of Killing Chimango Chitakata For Spiritual Powers

Once known man of God Chimango Chitakata who hails from Nkhota-kota district,Malawi died mysterious and people are accusing Prophet Wakisa Chisazo of the death, Malawi Independent has learnt.

The family members believes that their child was killed by Prophet Wakisa Chizaso .Before his death,he came to the house of the Prophet in area 49,Gulliver to seek powers of seeing accurately in spirit like mentioning phone numbers,names and all things which happened to you in the past and what is coming in the future.The Pastor saw this gift in Prophet Wakisa and came to his house and stayed for 7 days.The Prophet told the pastor to sow a seed of 2.5 million kwacha before he get the gift.

Pastor Chimango went back to his home and explained to the mother.She withdrew the whole amount of money and gave him.The Pastor came again to the house of Prophet Wakisa Chizaso.In the house of Prophet Wakisa,there is a room which no one opens to enter there but him alone.In one of the mid night he took Pastor Chimango there ,he dropped the monies on his feet. Then the Prophet told him to go and take the monthly period blood of her mother ,he must drink and wash his eyes with it for 3 days then your eyes will open to see in a spiritual world.The Prophet said,tell your mother only and your mother should tell no one,otherwise if you reveal the secret ,you will die in three days.He was also given the anointing oil bottle.

On his way back,he called and explained to one of the pastor friend what happened to him.The guy arriving home,he collapsed then after 3 days he died.

There is evil in this Hon Prophet and more things are yet to come.


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