Khumbo JD Khwazi Accused Of Deliberately Infecting Girlfriend With HIV On Social Media

Khumbo Jb Nkhwazi:Accused of infecting girl friend deliberately

Khumbo Jb Nkhwazi:Accused of infecting girl friend deliberately

A woman has accused her boyfriend Khumbo JD Khwazi of deliberately infecting her with the deadly HIV virus.

In a Facebook post that has been widely shared on social media, the woman said Khwazi lied to her that he was HIV negative but five months after the two started having sex, she tested HIV positive.

“Just 5 Months ago I was negative until I met Khumbo JD Khwazi who at the point of meeting I urged him to go for HIV test, unfortunately due to some circumstances we didn’t go together. We tested separately of which both our results came out negative,” she wrote.

According to the victim, Khwazi’s behaviour changed after the two had unprotected sex as he began cheating on her with several women including his ex-girlfriend with whom he has a child and a married woman.

HIV Test MalawiAfter the victim confronted him about the other women, Khwazi admitted sleeping with them without using a condom and this led to a breakup.

“[The breakup] triggered in me the idea of going back to test for HIV and shockingly I tested positive because of his promiscuous behaviour,” she wrote.

The victim says she is now feeling frustrated and angry for what the man did to her but she claimed that she will soon start taking antiretroviral (ARVs) drugs and will be living positively.

Meanwhile, she has warned other women against having unprotected sex with Khwazi as he will infect them with the deadly virus.

Sympathising with the girl, many well-wishers on the post that has been shared by more than 100 people advised her to bring up criminal charges against the man. As we published the story, the man was yet to comment on the accusations.

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