Chakwera Meets Gwanda To Plan On Replacing Msowoya With Mia Ahead Of 2019 Elections

Chakwera and Gwanda in a meeting

Chakwera and Gwanda in a meeting

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and leader of opposition in Parliament,  Lazarus Chakwera has engaged veteran politician Gwanda Chakuamba formerly of MCP and Mgwilizano Coalition to seek advice on how best Msowoya can be replaced with Alhaji Sidik Mia ahead of 2019 election.

As reported earlier by Malawi Independent, Chakwera has opted for Alhaji Sidik Mia as his running mate in the 2019 elections as a way of splitting the vote in the Southern region to increase MCP’s chances of emerging victorious in the coming General election .

However, Chakwera seems to be in a suicide mission as his move to elope in Mia for Msowoya has so far caused so much divisions in the party, with some senior officials in the party conniving with Msowoya and his supporters not to rally behind Chakwera in the northern region where Msowoya comes from if Chakwera dumps him for Mia.

Reports are that there is a sour relationship between Chakwera and his Vice Msowoya when it was reported that Alhaji Sidik Mia had been meeting Chakwera secretly to plan for his political come back under the MCP ticket.

Two weeks ago, Mia was seen welcomed by MCP officials and supporters in his area when he was launching a football trophy.

As we publish this, there is a meeting going on between Lazarus Chakwera and Gwanda Chakuamba which has been fully facilitated by Alhaji Sidik Mia.

Off late Chakwera has been accused of siding with strangers leaving real MCP diehards for his personal ego, some have said he is a dictators who does not want criticism but only side with those that worship him.




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