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Daily Times Bow Down To Malawi’s Three On-line Publications…’Thanks For Free Publicity But Sorry You Missed’

Publicity – whether good or bad- is effective and essential in so many aspects. We can ascertain to this following a front page story carried by Daily Times newspaper dated August 30, 2016.

Take it or leave it but the self-acclaimed leading daily paper in Malawi , with all it’s politically compromised editors have done a recommendable job for offering this blog free publicity,this is good for your our dear leaders.It is a clear sign that the online media is indeed growing and taking over the publication industry by storm.

Let’s get back to Business. First things first, the said publication reported that Malawi Independent together with Malawi Voice and Malawi Brief online news sites are on a campaign funded by State House to mudsling certain personalities within the opposition bloc by writing damaging stories about them.

According to the story by Daily Times’ political idiots, some of the targets include economist Henry Kachaje, activists Ben Chiza Mkandawire and Billy Mayaya; journalists Brian Banda, Madalitso Mussa and George Kasakula and poet Stanley Kenani among others.

Well, Well, Well! We do not intend to drag ourselves into unnecessary battles for prominence with Daily Times or its mother company Times Group because doing so would diminish both of us to sizes not fit to serve the public as media houses.

However, we cannot let this kind of stupid publicity -whether good or bad- go without our proper feedback. There are statements put across to the public that do not reflect the truth of what we stand for as a media house with a reputation to protect.

The article in question by the Times political morons accuse Malawi Independent and three other online publications of serving the interests of State House from which Daily Times claims we get our funding from, without giving out substantial evidence to back their claim .

This is pure nonsense and further vindicates the Times as being unprofessional for writing unbalanced story without hearing our side of it as well as lacking facts at the same time.

Truth should be told that Malawi Independent has never operated from within State House, unless if the Times group can give details to the public of where our office are located within the State House including financial reports , our staff and contacts.

As a publication, we have never used funds from State House for our operations unless if Daily Times has proof which they can produce for public scrutiny.

Daily Times has just magnified a long-held false thought by some quarters of society who have all along linked this publication to State House albeit without concrete proof.

For the purpose of records, we have it on point that another on line publication which has also been accused, Malawi Voice has so far outlived three Presidents namely Prof. Bingu wa Mutharika (MHSRIP), Joyce Banda and His Excellency Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika, as such it is wrong to claim that State House controls our affairs when we all know that Professor Peter Mutharika’s government was preceded by a different political party altogether.

In fact, State House at one time handed a heavy blow to Malawi Voice through a string of arrests of it’s staff over unsubstantiated accusations. To put it straight, an occupant of State House itself, Joyce Banda to be specific, was at the centre of victimizing Malawi Voice which now Times claim is run from State House.

Coming from this kind of background it should come natural to everyone that we do not have any links with State House. We operate solely as an independent media house with full professional attributes that are built on objectivity.

Furthermore, Daily Times accuses us of conspiring with State House to tarnish names of opposition members.

Here we wonder how they label the names in their story as opposition supporters when all along people like Brian Banda, Billy Mayaya, and Ben Chiza Mkandawire have aligned themselves to the ruling party when they are not towing a neutral line.

Who gives Daily Times the mandate and freedom to categorize members of the public in various pockets of political affiliation? We just as all Malawians wonder.

On the other hand Daily Times has mixed a cocktail of media outlets which are together with Malawi Independent pushing the agenda of State House.

Unfortunately we do not know these said publications and their publishers hence we cannot be said we work with them on any plot.

The Daily Times story is therefore full of speculation and lacks the depth and character of a normal news story.

You simply gave us free publicity on this one so for now we will just enjoy as the numbers of our readers rise to levels we never anticipated.All thanks to you Daily Times.

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